"Without the continual care, I would be in a great deal of pain, discomfort and inability to walk. Manipulations allow me to function. Appreciate the continual verbal support because it helps me be encouraged to keep coming and get well. If it wasn't for Dr. Tom and Dr. Chelsea, I'd be crippled. Appreciate the help."-Chris B.

"Amherst Chiropractic has been amazing! I used to get migraines almost everyday and nothing seemed to help. I went to DENT and tried many ineffective medications. After a few months of treatment at Amherst Chiropractic, my migraines have been much less frequent and manageable, and I don’t feel like it is overtaking my life anymore! Thank you Amherst Chiropractic!” -Lyndsay A.

"If it weren't for Dr. Lyons, I wouldn't be walking right now."-Bob R.

“I appreciate my chiropractor because after years of neck pain, my neck is healing. After my adjustments, my neck is getting progressively better.”-Tom S.

“I never needed a chiropractor until all of a sudden I did. But even though Dr. Tom had been helping my husband for years, I was still afraid of having my neck cracked. How could that possibly help? Well first, it’s not just a scary noise, and second, it does help. Dr. Tom evaluates what’s out of whack, and then he adjusts my alignment. Parts of that adjustment involve cracking sounds as bones move back into their proper positions, but there’s no pain associated with the noise, just relief- and oh yeah, feeling normal again!”-Beth C.

“Amherst Chiropractic has helped me to relieve SI pain, neck aches and boost/increase my mood. The doctors are patient and focused on their care. The office staff are friendly and the atmosphere (including music) make each visit “one I look forward to again and again.” Thank you for all that you do here (I even like the corny jokes!). Thank you also for relieving some of my husbands ailments- much appreciated!”-Stephanie N.

“It is my pleasure to share with you my delight and confidence in the doctors and staff at Amherst Chiropractic. I continue to be a patient after 20+ years because there has never been an illness, injury or problem that I have brought to them that they were not concerned about. They have brought me back to full health countless times through dedication, encouragement and treatment. I am grateful for them and proud, as well, as they expand and explore whole body health, matching science with the soul.”-Wendy K.

“It’s helped me poop!”-Gavin V. (age 7)

“It is November 1997, been in Buffalo since March 10, 1997. Friend at work, Jeff, recommended Dr. Tom, but I lucked out, as my first visit was with Dr. Liz! Dr Liz immediately “reassigned” me to Dr. Tom. So turns out, my lower back is either sore or I walk slowly, or, it’s “911 time” for the EMTs! I’m stuck at home, on the floor, can’t barely move. Guess what? Dr. Tom, with son Max, age 5, in hand comes to our apartment and treats me right on the floor in the living room! Since then, Dr. Tom has been there for me, 24/7, as my lower back “L5 and friends”, continue to challenge me. Dr. Tom is what medical care is supposed to be!”-Dr. William H.

“I suffered from migraines during pregnancy, with Dr. Betsy’s help with chiropractic care, I didn’t have anymore headaches! It was great! After a fall at work, Dr. Betsy and Dr. Chelsea did wonders! Within a few weeks of care- the pain was gone and I am back to my normal self! Thank you Dr. Betsy and Dr. Chelsea, I feel great!”-Andrea H.

“I enjoy the clever and entertaining items that are always being added to the reception area. I never know what new rock, deer, writing instruments, etc. are to be found and discussed. I personally experienced that if one doctor needs support, another doctor is always available for assistance. It is comforting to know we now have the combined efforts of three doctors that can administer to any injury. In my observation, I see a practice that is innovated and constantly improving to provide a secure place for their patients. Last, but not least, the staff is warm, friendly and always professional.”-Margo B.

“When I walk into Dr. Lyons office, I am always cheerfully greeted by his staff, Rachel, Mackenzie and Amanda. They are always nice, friendly and helpful. When I first met Dr. Lyons, I immediately felt as ease. Before he began treating me, he carefully reviewed my records and explained in full detail his plan to help me. He is very professional, knowledgeable and gentle. I feel very comfortable. Thanks for all you’ve done for me! He also has a lovely wife!”-Dorothy S.

“This office has the most amazing group of people that I have ever experienced in a medical office! Everyone makes me feel welcome and comfortable as soon as I walk in the door. Doctor Betsy is a wonderful chiropractor. I have more pain relief after my visits with her than any of my previous chiropractic visits. Without being able to take medication, my visits to Doctor Betsy have kept my pain levels to a minimum. All the doctors are very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Amherst Chiropractic to anyone, as I have to my family and friends.”-Millie G.