Comparison Studies

Do You Know That Chiropractic Care Is Second To None?

doubleangle 666 5pxblock lrAccording to a study conducted by Ontario's Ministry of Health, "...for the management of low-back pain, chiropractic care is the most effective treatment, and it should be fully integrated into the government's health care system." The same study also found, "...injured workers ... diagnosed with low-back pain returned to work much sooner when treated by chiropractors than by physicians."

According to the British Medical Research Council Study, spinal manipulation performed by chiropractors was found more effective than alternative treatments for low-back pain.

According to medical researcher TW Meade, M.D. "...chiropractic is a very effective treatment, more effective than conventional hospital outpatient treatment for low-back pain.

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Chiropractic Treatment vs. Standard Medical Care

Patient Evaluations
Chiro Care
Family M.D.
Mean number of days incapacitated after first visit
11 days
40 days
Restricted for greater than one week
Perception of doctor's confidence in diagnosing and treating low-back pain
Satisfied With Their Treatment
  1. Patient Evaluations of Care from Family Physicians and Chiropractors. ACA Journal of Chiropractic