Fitness and Exercise Programs

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Participating in regular physical activities is a must for all individuals, of all ages. Unfortunately, approximately 60% of all Americans fail to meet their recommended levels of physical activity. Worse yet, 25% of Americans fail to participate in any sort of physical activity. Many studies have shown exercise can significantly increase energy levels. Ironically, the number one excuse for not exercising is a lack of energy or the person being too tired.

Studies conducted on exercise have shown the following benefits:

  • cardiovascular health
    • reduction in LDL ("bad" cholesterol)
    • increase in HDL ("good" cholesterol)
    • increased heart strength and health
    • increases V02 max (maximum oxygen uptake)
  • emotional health and quality of life
    • anxiety reduction
    • stress lowering
    • increased sense of well being
    • increase in self confidence
  • disease prevention
    • reduced disease and sickness
    • reduction of fall injuries in seniors
    • diabetes prevention in the aging
  • weight management
    • reduction of body fat
    • prevention of obesity
  • size and strength gains
    • increased physical performance
    • increased strength
    • increased speed
    • increased muscle tone
  • functioning and quality of life in the elderly
    • increased mobility and independence in seniors
    • life extension
  • pregnancy
    • increased on-time deliveries
    • increased protection from miscarriages