Back Pain

The Chiropractic Approach To Back Pain In The Elderly

doubleangle 666 5pxblock lrThe chiropractic approach to treating back pain follows a "holistic" type course. The chiropractor is concerned with the patient's personal health goals. This plays an important role in designing an effective treatment plan which results in the wanted outcome. While evaluating the patients health disorder, the cause as well as all contributing factors which lead to the development of the condition will be sought. Once determined, this information will be combined with the health goals of the individual in order to design the most successful treatment plan.

The treatments utilized by chiropractors do not include drugs or surgery. Instead, safe and natural noninvasive methods of healing are utilized. These include spinal adjustive techniques, physiotherapies, soft tissue therapies, exercise and stretching programs, diet and nutritional counseling, and lifestyle modifications. As stated above, these therapies are directed towards the root cause of the health condition. The result is safe, effective long-term relief as well as the overall optimization of health and wellness. Treatments which focus solely on symptomatic relief are short lived, ineffective, and often lead to patient frustration and dissatisfaction.

The Medical Approach To Back Pain In The Elderly

The majority of medical doctors prescribe prescription medications like non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs- aspirin and Ibuprofen or stronger) to mask pain and decrease inflammation. The problem with this approach is that although the pain has been artificially lessened with medications, the cause of the pain has not yet been addressed - kind of cutting the wire to a flashing "low oil" light on your car dash; rather than adding oil to the engine.